Stone is another durable material for your home; from white Thassos to negro Marquinis and limestone, quartz and slate, we have the full range of what you’re looking for.

Ponte Skyline H FG

Sold by sheet
Product #26-261

LRG Lattice Diana Snow

Sold by sheet
Product #26-262

Para Hex S Stone Mint Honed

Size: 6.75 x 6.75 in / sqft
Product #29-100R

Para V Cladding R White Marble Honed

Size: 6.5 x 22.75 in / sqft
Product #29-102R

Strips Him-White Split Face

Size: 20 3 9 x 5.5 in / sqft
Product #29-104R

Volc Gray Marble Mini Split Clad

Size: 3 x 11.75 in / sqft
Product #29-106R

Rust Clad Silver Quartzite Interlocking Split Face

Product #29-107R

My Stripe White Thassos and White Silk Polished

Product #34-153

Blue Limestone Parquet Honed

Product #34-157

Mosaic White Ele with Ash G Bars Honed Mosaic

Product #34-180

WE OX Mosaic Honed

Product #34-191

Honey Hex WSC Marble with BS Honed

Product #34-213

Square Dot Thas Shell Dot Polished

Product #43-83R

Hex Asian Stat Polished

Sold by sheet
Product #43-90

Golden Chevron Glass-Stone

Sold by sheet
Product #43-147

Tile description

Product #76-27

Monte Sky Snow

Sold by sheet
Product #76-253

M-Lattice Thassos Carrara

Sold by sheet
Product #76-263

Lucca Thasos Calacatta
Sold by Sheet

Sold by sheet
Product #76-264

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